Toni Mulraney: B.A, Masters in Educational Leadership, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program Teacher, Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, Certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management.

Hello, I’m Toni Mulraney

My Vision is to work with others to contribute to a ‘better world that our heart knows is possible’ (Charles Eisenstein)

My Mission is to create, with my clients, the sacred space to explore the innate Wholeness within that guides us in creating such a world and such an experience for ourselves and all we care about.

I know that each of us is born with an inner blueprint that invites us to move more and more towards choosing a life of wellbeing and wholeness. (To learn more about this I invite you to watch a talk I gave recently Becoming Your Own Best Friend

I offer not only tools to take us there but also a community with whom to walk the journey.

I have touched my own Wholeness within. The journey has been both challenging and rewarding, and is by no means over. I choose to offer my teaching and guidance to those who are ready to recognise the wholeness within them and to choose more wellbeing. In this way, I teach what I most need to learn. And so we create the space for this together.

I have always been a teacher.

For more than 40 years I have been:

• a classroom teacher of students in the subject areas of religion, languages, science, literature, literacy, spirituality
• a teacher of teachers in the area of curriculum development, pedagogy, and personal development
• a teacher of education and business leaders in developing positive culture and building trust and structures that support others to do their best work
• a classroom teacher, a meditation and spirituality teacher, an education
consultant, a coach and mentor, a workshop creator and facilitator
• a teacher through the forms of mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend,

My wholeness and wellbeing have been uncovered and enriched by all I have engaged with as a teacher, student and friend through my forty year commitment to mindfulness meditation and other means of touching the wholeness within.

If you feel YOU are ready to uncover the wholeness within you, or within your family, your place of work, your community, or your world, please consider working with me in one of the many ways that I offer.

Dedication: to all my teachers over the years, I say a heart-felt ‘Thank you’. A special thanks to Elana Rosenbaum and her wonderful teacher’s guide: ‘The Heart of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction’.