Maximise Wellness Minimise Stress

8 Week Mindfulness Foundations Program

We all face some form of short or long-term stress at one time or another. It is part and parcel of life. This seems to be particularly true in our current times. It seems that we are not just being invited to self-care at a basic level, but to also grow wiser, more compassionate and more effective personally and professionally in order to assume leadership wherever we find ourselves and contribute to the wellbeing of the wider community, the world and the earth.

Mindfulness is an integrative mind-body approach that offers a kinder, more grounded and wholistic way of addressing the demands in life. It supports and empowers to maximise health and wellbeing at the emotional, physical and mental levels, offering resilience and a better quality of life, thereby freeing us to be clearer and more confident in whatever capacity we find ourselves.

In a safe and welcoming space, the 8 week Mindfulness Foundations Program takes you deeper into knowledge, insight and meditation, offering new ways to handle challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods, social interactions, and the demands of our world in order to support more effective leadership, greater happiness, increased vitality and inner peace for ourselves and others.

Sample Stressful IssuesPossible Mindfulness BenefitsMindfulness Extras
poor sleep
physical pain
negative self-talk
feeling lost
and much more
increased calm
pain management
10% more happiness
greater inner peace
insight into emotions & thoughts
boosted attention & focus
improved relationships
better work-life balance
and much more
addresses the mind-body
  is not a quick fix
can have lasting & long-term effect
offers another way
cultivation of kindness & compassion
can transform things deeply
and much more

Please join me for a Free 90minute Webinar on September 22nd 7- 8.30pm ACST via Zoom to experience mindfulness practice, to find out more about the 8 week program and to ask your questions without obligation to commit to the program.

You are most welcome! I look forward to meeting and sharing with you.