Mindfulness Practice: The Foundations

This 8 weeks program is foundational to establishing and maintaining a regular daily practice, with the support of a teacher, that guides you through a personal investigation of how to maintain your wellbeing.

Noticing, observing and naming the stress in our busy life, and then investigating it with awareness and acceptance, which is mindfulness, creates a path of understanding that is liberating. Stress is part of the human condition but depending on intention, attention and attitude it can be alleviated.

The program guides participants to discover for themselves the effects of mindfulness on their mind-body, and gain insight into the causes of their stress and its release. Waking up to life and to what it means to live fully, is based on self-discovery and a willingness to observe and to be present to each experience with acceptance as it unfolds in the present moment. Change itself and awareness of the relationship to these changes in mind, body and feelings are integral to this way of being. From here one is opened to the many possibilities for more healthy and creative response to the experiences of life.

Program structure:

  • Orientation session – individual Skype  or phone interview based on the Information Form
  • 8 sessions @21/2hrs each, once per week
  • 1 session – Guided Silent Practice – 9.30am – 4.30pm

A commitment to attendance at all sessions and to weekly practice for the duration of the program is encouraged and supported