More Wellness Less Stress (4Weeks)

In this program the core of the time each week is devoted to experiencing together the mindfulness practices that help minimise stress and enhance wellness. The program is both for beginners and for more seasoned practitioners of the mindfulness tools, which used consistently can help to quieten the mind and the body.

You will work with both formal and informal mindfulness practices that will give you a taste of how this way of being can bring a more calm centring to all you do, so that you can create the life you want.
Learn to cultivate life-long tools that can help you enjoy your life more, even when facing stress, illness and pain.

This is a 4 week program – 90mins/week.

  • Experience the 4 core mindfulness practices (Mindful Breathing, Mindful Yoga, Mindful Walking, Body Scan)
  • Practice simple ways to bring awareness into your existing daily routines
  • Make sense of your experience through small group discussion
  • Discover opportunities and resources for continuing your journey within

Program dates: Next program dates TBC shortly
Venue: TBC shortly
Cost: $20/session OR $65 for All 4 sessions.
Please pay through PayPal here: and send an email with your name and mobile/phone number to  I will contact you with further details and confirmation of receipt of payment. Thank you.