New Ideas, Perspectives and Tools for Everyday Living (Workshops)

Workshops are experiential, and include information, shared discussion, and mindfulness practices in a safe and welcoming space

The topics addressed in these workshops both introduce and support participants to and in the practice of the mindfulness tools (Mindful Breathing, Mindful Walking, Mindful Yoga and Body Scan), by exploring and critiquing the latest research, interpretations and applications of mindfulness in general, and the mind-body connection in particular, and by providing the opportunity to use the practices first-hand.

Participants are offered new ideas and new perspectives on old ideas and are invited into inquiry, both personal and collective, as they experience the four core practices. This inquiry may take the form of writing, discussion, role-play, working with questions, movement, the arts, and considering key information by authors in the field.

Next Workshop date: JUNE 16 10.00am – 1.00pm
Theme: The Language of Emotions. In this workshop we explore the following ideas:

  • What are emotions and where do they come from?
  • Are they friend or foe?
  • How do they communicate with us and what are they trying to tell us?
  • Are all emotions ours?
  • What does it mean to befriend our emotions and how do you do it?

Participants will be guided to explore a variety of emotions we experience on a daily basis using mindful meditation practices to create a space for deep listening, inquiry and interpretation.
Venue: New Dimensions Bookshop, 310 South Tce, Adelaide
Cost: $45

Please Pay through PayPal here:  and send an email with your name and mobile/phone number to  I will contact you with further details and confirmation of receipt of payment. Thank you.