Personal Mindfulness Coaching

If you are not able to attend a group program for whatever reason at this time; if you don’t feel quite ready for a group experience; if you would like to follow up an 8 week Mindfulness Practice: The Foundations program with personalised coaching; if you would like the opportunity to experience mindfulness practices before you commit to The Foundations program; you may want to consider the Personal Mindfulness Coaching offering.

To benefit most from mindfulness coaching (as for any of the group programs) the participant needs to be ready to make a significant personal commitment (at least for the duration of the coaching program) to change in relation to managing the stress in their lives. Between lessons, there are daily home assignments of about one hour, the completion of which is essential if one is to see effective, lasting results.

Please contact me for a free 30minute consultation to discuss your needs and desires, and a coaching program that would  suit your current situation and allow you to begin to explore and minimise the stress in your life with more ease, at your own pace, in your own comfortable space  and in your own time. The content of this offering is available on a one to one basis or for a small group.

Venue: Personal Mindfulness Coaching is facilitated over the phone or Skype/Zoom for your convenience. If appropriate, physical face to face coaching can be considered.