Stress Management Tools For Teens

Is This You?

Created especially for students in Yr 11, Yr 12, first year TAFE/University, or young people starting work/apprenticeship this year who want to do well while enjoying the year. Maybe you feel really ready for the demands but still want to give yourself every bit of help to give of your best. Maybe you are a little anxious or overwhelmed about it, or, maybe you are not as motivated as you would like to be.  Or maybe you are ready to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of.

Learning ways early in life to recognise and manage what causes both your distress and enjoyment of life, is the intention of the ‘Stress Management Tools for Teens’ program.

I invite you, together with your parents/carers, to read further and consider if you feel ready to uncover more of who you are and what you are capable of.      

Program Outline and Outcomes

The 6 – week program is a hands – on, interactive opportunity to learn new information and practice mindfulness based tools (Mindful Breathing, Mindful Yoga, Mindful Walking, Body Scan, as well as many more informal ways to be mindful on a daily basis) to decrease stress and increase wellness, within a supportive and safe environment through a variety of modes.

These tools show you how to access your own inner, natural ability to bring more calm, clarity, energy and confidence to your every day world to manage the normal stressors of your life, thereby achieving your goals with more ease, be they educational, social, relational, health. The tools you learn in this program help you to more readily:

  • Recognise and manage the stressors as they occur
  • Observe your habitual reactions to the distress you experience
  • Choose more skilful ways to respond
  • Access in-built systems for increasing wellness
  • Strengthen skills in focus and attention

The skill of carefully observing the thoughts, feelings and sensations that you experience in your mind-body is at the core of this program. It gives you a bigger picture about your experience and this then provides many possibilities for responding creatively, calmly and with ease. Accepting with curiosity and gentleness towards yourself what is actually happening in the moment, instead of trying to change it, can allow more of the best you to shine out from within.


If you are ready for this, please remember that it is necessary for you to attend all 6 sessions and commit to the practice during each week. The sessions themselves will consist of mindfulness practices, movement, discussion, journaling, role playing, and other hands-on modes. If you choose to go ahead please see below to register and pay, as well as to submit the Information Form that will be the basis for our Skype interview.

You have quite a lot to consider here. Discuss your decision with your parent/carer. I for one truly hope you feel ready to take this step and look forward to sharing the journey with you as you embark on this very important year in your life. If you do not feel this is the right time for you, I wish you every success and enjoyment for this most significant year ahead.