Participant Experiences

From the MBSR program I got: support from others and the facilitator; more understanding of myself; some great tools and experiences; a new way of being; lots – it’s BIG – bigger than I even think I know right now. I got myself back, I got my life back, and I got the Present. Emma S

Previously I was being caught by triggers, but quite early in the program I was able to separate from the trigger, see it and allow it. Lee A

I gained insight into why I repeated behaviours that were unhealthy, and I acquired skills to make changes necessary for emotional, physical and mental health.  Toni approached each session with love, kindness and gratitude for the time together. She prepared diligently for each session and created a safe and open environment that allowed strangers to trust each other and share.  Toni’s ability to meet each of us where we were, to avoid judgment, to encourage and gently coax, allowed me to approach Mindfulness without fear and with confidence. I am grateful to Toni for bringing the philosophy and practices of Mindfulness into my life.  She is a gifted teacher who seeks to make the world more thoughtful and compassionate.  She is truly a mindful human being. Joseph U

I became aware of the judgment going on, recognising it and knowing I don’t have to believe it. Greg H

My main challenge was to sit with sad/negative thoughts and emotions, fearing that i would not be able to ‘overcome’ them… but, to my great surprise (and delight) I was able to sit and breathe through and achieve, mostly, that sense of being ok with myself and inviting that ‘best friend’ to come and sit alongside. Krystyna C-K

I strongly recommend that everyone should get a chance to do the MBSR. It should be essential for all Veterans. The earlier in the training of soldiers the better. Once they have been accepted into the Forces the MBSR should be part of the ongoing training package from the beginning to the end of time in the Forces with a refresher every 2-3 yrs. At the very least it should be part of preparation before deployment. Rob T

The workshops provided me with the opportunity to stop and reflect on some very important aspects of my life, and I believe the most valuable learning for me was to understand how to deal with feelings without judgment. I feel like I have developed a much better understanding of what Mindfulness is, and how to apply small practices to my day-to-day life. Knowing and respecting where I am at is amazing! Indeed, understanding and being kind to myself was the most valuable learning I could have asked for. Learning that we need time alone, that we need to listen to our bodies, and that we can heal that way is such a gift! I would highly recommend Toni’s workshops for someone who wants to learn about Mindfulness and learn how to apply all that knowledge to real life! It is a great way to give yourself time to learn something new and to reflect on all aspects of life. I will always be grateful to Toni for sharing so much of her knowledge, time, kindness and love! Marcela L

I hoped for support and a shared experience with E, as well as a structure to enable my personal practice. I got all that and more. Toni’s facilitation, guidance and support was inspiring to see! The connection with our small group was heartwarming. I also enjoyed the readings and journaling practice. Jarrod S

Before taking Toni’s MBSR course, I had kept a hodgepodge meditation practice here and there for over a decade. With characteristic wisdom, clarity, and humour, Toni thoroughly steeped my classmates and me in various practices, from meditating on all five of our senses, walking meditation, a day of silence, etc. The techniques and rigour I gained through Toni’s course helped me establish a daily practice that had escaped me prior to taking that class, and that I keep up to this day. That practice of mindfulness has transformed every aspect of my life since. Josephine L

As someone who had never explored mindfulness before I am so grateful to have started my journey with Toni. The “Listening to your body” workshop was a great introduction to mindfulness and the “Life Changes and Transitions” workshop was very beneficial to me personally. The environment of both workshops was warm, private and nonjudgemental. Toni is a wealth of knowledge and facilitated the sessions in a way that only she can! I would highly recommend these workshops and I am looking forward to attending more in the future. Matt M

The obstacles that I encountered were: not wanting to make friends with myself, physical pain, feeling the cold immensely, sitting still, monkey mind. What i learnt: acceptance, love, liking myself, coming back to my body; feeling as though I can trust myself more. Cassie D